I hate people. I hate everyone. I wish I never talked to anyone,I wish I weren’t so privately open, never let anyone in my life, everyone turns out to be the same , I want everyone gone and to leave me alone. If I had my car right now I’d drive away, as far as my crappy car would take me. When my car died because it hates me I would run. I would run until my legs gave out and then I would crawl. I would crawl as far away from me as possible like everyone else and then I would scream. I would scream and yell and act out the mania running through my veins right now. The complete madness seething under my skin, desperate to escape. I would crawl and scream and I would beat the ground and the trees and scream at the sky and yell at the moon and break all the leaves and branches and be the wild violent storm in the forrest where it’s big enough to handle it. Arms flailing, crying, wailing, whining, screaming, at whoever. At the moon, the stars, the heavens, the emptiness,the blackness, screaming and running and running and screaming. The forrest will keep it quiet enough.