so i go to a gym class mon wed fri, but this morning i didnt want to be around anyone so i didnt go. this afternoon my mom  tells me i cant afford to miss a day because i need to lose weight. really mom? what part of my diet and working out did you miss? one lousy day wont hurt. well im trying to doubt myself now because im obviously not smart enough to know my body. to top it off my dad made a comment about how i slept in today and i simply said ‘yeah ill sleep in tomorrow if i want to too. not only did he scream and yell at me he told me im worthless, i dont respect him, i lie to him and i dont care about him. i have no idea where any of this came from. but i ustsat there and took it because i really dont have the energy to fight back. ik over the lack of respect i get. im never good enough for them. im over it. they think i dont respect them?ha. ha.