When i was 13 my friends started being mean to me, my parents started fighting and my best friend just died….I was really upset one night and injured myself. It relieved my pain and calmed me, ever since ive been an injurer. 8 th grade started and i began injuring more because of the drama. My school is probaly the worse with drama. but anyway, i starting injuring more and my school found out because my friend told the counclior… i was a mess that day, they told my parents and they flipped on me.. didnt get me help till back in january of 2011 i was depressed and sent to a diffrent school for help called *partners*.. it help calm me and slow me down from my injuring, then i came back to my school. now im injuring again… no one knows not even my boyfriend nor bestest friend…. i love my family but i am just so sick of my cruel life i have to deal with )): !! </3 i wish someone could save me.. i feel like injuring is my only way out )): !