I almost did it again last night, i had my tool in my hand and i stopped. I just put it down and went to sleep…. it’s still on my dresser right now.

At school we’re doing project centered around raising awareness…. one group’s topic was Teen Self Injury Awareness. When they handed out  servey earlier in the year about if you had ever Si.ed or attempted Suicide I had to answer yes to every question, i was sitting in a coner trying to hide my paper, I felt so ashamed. I know that a couple other kids in my class were putting down the same answers but so few people know that I’ve Si.ed. I dont seem like the type of person to do it; my Youth Pastor doesn’t know, most of my friends dont know, none of my teachers know, and my parents only found out in January.

I dont want people to see the scars, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to put down my tool next time.  I’m scared.