self injury is no joke, and the world doesn’t understand those that do it. They don’t understand it, because thay can’t feel the pain we feel inside of us! But…. We understand eachother. Every one of us on this website has the dream of getting better. Being abloe to finally put the ‘tools’ away for good. But to get there, we will go through struggles, but we’re here to keep eachother strong.
I have the wish that everyone of you you will get better, because i wish that i will get better.
We’re here to help each other up after a relapse. To help you off the floor and to start over. We will create new lives for ourselves. I truly believe that, for God opened my eyes. Yes, i still injure, but i live for the day when i will finally be able to put my ‘tool’ down, and I hope that all of us will put our ‘tools’ down!!
I love you all!!! Thank you for everything!!!!!!!! <3