I talked to my therapist yesterday, and she always has me write in a journal! Soo I wrote how I felt the other day and I wrote ” Im worthless and shud just die”… And so she thought it was a threat. And made my grandma go in the room and talk about it with her. Its dumb, so I lied and said she read into it wrong, adn yes at the time I did feel that way but.. It chnged… I was fine, untill she decided that she would call my mom. And now my therapist thinks I need a partial hospitalization and group therapy! I hate the hospital!! LAst time I went the people were soo mean. 🙁 I hate those places. I want to stop injuring for good, but its hard to stay away from relapse. I think maybe group therapy will be okay, but I dont know.It scares me that It has come this far again! I thought I was doing good. I went about 6 months without injuring, but… I dont know ;( I talked to my mom about it, and she didnt get mad this time, I was very surprised!!! We had a good talk. And it seemed to comfort me! I didnt have nightmares last night! i didnt have flashbacks about the bad things that have happened. I dreampt about good things! Hanging out with Cleine Dion, and Barbra Striesand. lol! (: Soo maybe talking to my mom  is good sometimes!