1) hurt myself on purpose
2) can’t seem to be happy
3) hate my looks
4) hate that i’m fat
5) hate my red hair (can’t color it cause i made that promise to my dead gradma when i was 3…i don’t even remember…)
6) feel alone all the time
7) don’t fit in with my friends
8) pick fights with people, even though i hate fighting
9) read too many books, hiding from the world.
10) fell madly inlove with a guy that doesn’t even notice me
11) have too many scars on me
12) cry myself to sleep at night
13) hate my life

……… That’s who i am. People can’t accept that. They don’t know i si (only 2 of my friends and a teacher know, but they think i’ve stopped)
Other people doesn’t care enough to ask about the scars. It’s like that song, ”crazy” by simple plan.
“is everybody going crazy? Is anybody going to save me? Can anybody tell me what’s going on? The me, what’s going on. If i open my eyes, i see that something is wrong!”
But you know… They can’t answer that, cause the world and the people in it doesn’t care. The don’t! I kept telling myself they do, but it’s time a face the thurth….no one wants to be friends with a ‘injurer’ so, i might as well be alone and leavemy friends.
I wish there was someone to sing me.
This is the last night you’ll spend alone, look me in the eyes so i know you know, i’m everywhere you want me to be.
i’ll wrap you my arms and i won’t let you. I’ll be everything you need me to be.
You’re parents say everything is your fault, but they don’t know you like i know you,they don’t know you at all.
I’m so sick of when they say, it’s just a faze, you’ll be okay. You’re fine.

The only thing that keeps me going at the moment….is knowing that God will never leave me….