I dont really know how to do this hah. I’m 13 and i injure i hate it but sometimes its honestly the only thing that helps. I told 3 people that i did and they would ask why i would do it but they think i stopped. I never really know how to answer that question. People have always told me others have it worst then me and i know its true but that doesnt change the fatc that mine is hard too. I hate my parents my dad left me when i was 2 and then wanted us to have a relationship again but i was 6 so my mm made that choice for me. He cheated on my mom alot and i guess she blames me and my sister for it. She yells at me for everything and she also hits me but it really doesnt matter. Last year her and my dad got together alot and they were already seperated and it bugged me so i told my mom it made me mad and she said it was her life and so i started injuring and i stopped caring what my mom or dad said. I hate injuring i really do but it helps me and i just cant stop ive tried but it seems imposibble.