my friends….it feels like they’re leaving me… After i told them that i si….they’ve been acting weird towads me.. Speaking in hushed voices, leaving together leaving me with strangers. But when i go quiet, they ask ”what’s going on? Why are you so emo? Smile. Tell us what’s going on, we’re your friends. We’re here to listen” they say those words, but i can see that they don’t mean it. This thing between my friends is breaking me down. Urging me to self injure all the more, and i thought and tried about leaving my friends. It didn’t work. Without them….these urges are just as bad!
With them, i break down….withoutthem,i fall apart……
I can’t win!!
These urges to si is getting worse and worse, and it feels like i’m falling apart. I don’t want to feel like this………i don’t……i don’t……..and i can’t feel like this. I’m breaking myself down. I try not to, but i can’t help it….. I try to destract myself by reading, writhing or with my artwork, but it’s not working!!!! WHY ISN’T IT WORKING!!!!!!????????