so….i’ve messed up again… and i feel so guilty…… I’m17 going on 18, so i just want to know…. Am I too old for doing this?? I’ve only been doing it for about 2 years but… I’m old enough, so shouldn’t i be able to handle my emotions better???
It’s just so hard!!!! I keep all my feelings inside and keep to myself.
I don’t drink, and i don’t smoke… I’m just..a normal student girl. I do fairly good in school (mostly A’s) but for some reason….i just can’t be happy….
Am i to old to SI and mess up like i did last night????

Oh yea…. I just want to thank one of my friends here.. You know who you are. Even though only talk by meens of email. You helped me through the night! Thanx liz. You’re one friend in a million.