All they ever do is scream and shout like everything that happens in their lives is all my fault. Its not!
I dont know how long I can go on with this:'(..
They seem to have completely forgotten about everything thats happened with me and why I SI in the first place. Its them!
My family is driving me insane, I need to get away!
It feels like there forcing my in a way to harm myself again.. I dont want to blame my family for this but they leave me no choice. I don’t SI for the fun of it or the get attention as some people may think..
I do it because feel its the only thing I can tuen to for comfort it seems to over ride my worries, fears & problems!
But I did it I injured myself last night! I felt releived.. All i need to do now is hide it:(!
I cant do any of this anymore! I dont want any of this. I hate my life!!