I am a single mother of a 10 year old , who I recently discovered was injuring herself. This past Monday, I grew frustrated at my once straight A student whose grades have dropped drastically these past few weeks. She had a paper to write , I was trying to help her get ideas, formulate a plan and the more i tried to help the more frustrated she got. I left her to work on her assignment and fix dinner. Came back into the room a few moments later , to discover she had changed clothes and it just seemed odd to me. After dinner, I went into the bathroom and noticed about 5 band aide wrappers in the trash, some of the pieces on the floor. I asked her if she had hurt herself, and she immediately pulled her arm into her chest. I never ever thought she hurt herself on purpose, but thought she was injured on accident. I asked to see, so i could make sure they were clean. she reluctantly showed me. I then realized they were self inflicted. Yet they were sporadic all over her right arm. I took her to pediatrician the next day, were we discovered that what appears she has done this to herself at least two other times. We suspect fairly recent..

I have found my daughter a child psychiatrist to go to , I hope he deals with this type of issue and can help my daughter.

I have been walking around terrified to look at my kid wrong in fear that she will do this again. Yet, I am still the parent and rules need to be abided by. Tonight, we worked on this paper again. She became equally as frustrated and upset. After me trying to help her. Her teacher had given her an extension to get this paper done. I have tried to help her but she doesn’t want my help. Tomorrow she will have to get a zero on this paper. I fear this will add to what ever is going on with her. This will be her first bad grade. She is exceptionally smart, gifted and is in the challenge program at her school. She also shoots archery and is talented in many levels. Yet , she gets teased at school often, made fun of. Over the years I have told her to just ignore these kids. Tonight she told me that she cant ignore them anymore and that she is dumb, ugly, stupid, etc.. It hurt me to hear her talk like this. It is apparent that she has gotten to the point where she can no longer bare the other kids being mean to her.

We wont see her psychologist till may 4th, I am desperately hoping that we can see him if there is a cancellation, because I do not know how to deal with this , my fear is so high that my own anxiety is causing me to not sleep and worry that I may add to her pain.

I am a single , unemployed mother with limited help from family and friends right now. I feel utterly lost in helping my sweet , beautiful 10 year old girl.