Yesterday I got called some really really nasty things. And that i’m smelly and disgusting and emo and depressed becuz someone close to me recently attempted suicide and i was having a rough day so FOR ONCE i didn’t put on that fake smile and all that makeup.

Smelly disgusting emo depressed mean and a bunch of other words that are so horrible I won’t use them here.

And I know they’re not true.

These girls hate me for some reason.

But yesterday, I got so close to relapsing.

But I didn’t.

I just feel so horrible, and I feel like those words are true. I just got rid of the whispers and now they’re back. What’s worse is that the girl who texted me these things is lying about who sent them. She said her friend who I don’t know sent them as an april fool’s. But i know thats a lie because in the messages they mentioned details that someone who didn’t know me wouldn’t know.

I don’t know what to do.