We discovered our 15 yr old daughter is injuring. Has been for a few months we think. She is smart, straight A student, gifted program, won numerous awards in art, writing, engineering. Has always planned to go to Princeton or Harvard. We don’t push her, we only support her and praise her. She never has been popular in school, grade school and now high school. She has found a small group of friends, that are the geeky, weird kids. They are into emo, and black clothing. They like that the other kids in HS shy away from them. We fear she picked up SI-ing from one of them. We are scared!  She has said for a few years she isn’t happy.  She is seeing a counselor now, for 2 weeks, but she is still injuring. This last time was after a math quiz, not her best subject.

What can a parent do to help, without making it worse.