Just as i thought i was on the road to recovery yet another distruption hits!
can’t cope anymore, everything has been so off lately..
My family are having so many problems, i’m sick of the arguing i’ve tried to SI but i guess having my 6 year old cousin living with me has prevented me from doing anything to myself!
I know it may sound sad but its how i feel i don’t know how long I can cope with all of this!
My friends; what have I done to them?!
Too my family and friends i’m depressed or disturbed, I dont know why they think this I havent seen a change in myself why should they?
I’ve been so down lately and I dont know why or how this is affecting the others around me they say they care about me and they are worried but I doubt that im the last thing on their minds!
Somtimes I feel like its me against the world any of you ever felt like this? awful.
I can’t be doing with this anymore, life is too much to handle on top of all the other rollercoasters!
Anyone know how to help me? please leave comments..