I wrote this when I chose to stop injuring. I hope it helps! Please comment if it helps you 🙂 good luck everyone, you can do this.

I keep arguing with the voice inside of my head. This time, it’s different. I can feel it. I can feel the flower releasing its grip on my heart, I can feel the poison draining out of me, and I can see the thoughts and the images clearing out of my head. I can feel the self-injurer climbing out of my system. I wave goodbye to her as she runs off into the sky. I hope that she doesn’t go and invade some other lonely, depressed, abandoned, vulnerable, girl’s head now.

 I reach around to the back of my head, and take off my mask by its white elastic. My skin feels the cold December air. I wipe away the tears that lay, all this time, under my mask. I take off my costume. I take off my black sweater, my black long sleeved turtleneck, revealing the scars on my paper skin. I take off my black nail polish. I brush my hair, sweeping my side bangs out of my eyes. I wash my face and wipe away the tears that have started flowing. I throw away my supplies. I throw away the horrible bag that held them. I want to get better, now. I really, really, really, want to get better, now. I am ready.