i’ve been having problems with my older brother. he seems like he doesn’t care about me at all. when we were younger, my brothers and i used to always go outside and play basketball. i have a brother who is a year younger and a brother who is 6 years older. i always felt left out from my brothers. they always wrestle and fight and they won’t let me hang out with them. we used to have a better relationship when we were younger. he actually cared. but now that we’re older, he acts like he doesn’t care. everyday, i say “hi” to him when i get home from school. but thats it. every time i try to talk to him, he just brushes me off and mumbles something. i just want him to care about me like i do about him. my older brother’s always been my role model. when my parents and i got in a big fight, they were about to take me to the mental hospital again, but he saved me. my older brother told them that he was going to take me out to calm down. while he was driving, he gave me some great advice. that advice has been with me ever since. my older brother is my role model, but he acts like he doesn’t even care about how i feel or anything. and every time i try to talk to him, he barely speaks a word. i know he doesn’t care about me anymore. ever time i tell him about my problems and stuff, he says i’m being dramatic. all i ever wanted was for my brothers to care about me. but now that he’s going off to college, i have a feeling he never will.