I havent injured today. I called my grnadma to say bye because they said tonight is going to be her last night. I’m not sure how anyone knows that. It was painful. I just so happened to be numb at the time and I can’t feel it all the way. I talked to my gf on the phone while she was at work and I promised her I wouldn’t hurt myself. I kept my promise. I “fell asleep” and woke up when she got home a whle ago. I had forgotten to cover my injuries with clothing and she saw and got really mad. I feel angry, I don’t know why, If I were her I’d think I was a stupid shameful dissapointing person too probably. I didn’t do it today though, i kept my promise. It’s from the culmination of the last few weeks, if she payed attention she would that. I’m just mad. I’m mad that she is mad but I’m mostly mad at me for doing this.