Well Today At School My Best Frenn,Lil Bro,Crush,Ex Got Out Of I.S.S And His Girlfriend Broke Up With Him So I Was Like Yes Hope This Is My Chance…But After 7th Period They Came Up To Me Kristian Is With Heaven And I Felt Heart Broken<|3 On The Bus I Sat With HIm And I Just Statred To Cry He Like It Cause I’m With Her Isnt It I Stayed Quiet And Started To Cry Even Mo re He Got My Hand And Kissed It And Said I Will Always LOve YUu Even When WE Broke Up I Still Did I Never Stoped Not One Bit I Got Happy Then He Asked Me If I Ask Yuu Back Out Would Yuu Get With Me And Then I Didnt Get To Anser Cause Something Happend On The Bus That Caught My Eye Well Someone Think What Should I Do…..I Realy Want 2 Get Noe More People