I SIed. I’m not proud. I don’t want to stop, I don’t want anyone to know…Not the point though. Really, I have been feeling alone and neglected lately. I have some friends…maybe just one, but he hasn’t been here for me. He is busy with his girlfriend and I am not mad at him, I just feel alone. I’m okay with being alone. BUt I belong to many band websites…so I was venting and I got caught on one little lie. I feel bad enough for lying, but now people are just bullying me on there and hating on me. I am brought to tears every time. I feel like I need to defend myself, but nothing works. Even if the people are bullying through the internet. It hurts. I felt like they were my friends, then they turned on me. Everything just went black. They started bringing up personal things and messages I’ve posted…it was horrible. No one is leaving me alone. I am all alone in my head, but not safe. It hurts…so bad. I’m in tears right now. It scares me how they are stallking my posts and looking for any way to hurt me. I HATE IT! I am dying inside…can’t they tell this is tearing me apart…but no they just keep hurting me….Bullying is awful…even if it is through the internet. Where am I safe!?