Hi everyone. I’m new to this and thought I would give it a try. I started siing around Christmas time and it went on for a week until my friend saw it. She told me she didn’t like it and didn’t want me to do it again. I didn’t think I would. But I got depressed and did it again…and again. After winter break was over and we went back to school, I told my friend it was getting worse and that I felt like I had to do it so I would feel better. One day that friend couldn’t keep it inside anymore and felt like she need to tell my closest friend. As she told her, the school nurse over heard and had to tell the principal. He got me out of class and told me he was gonna have to tell my mom and dad. That was the last thingni wanted. I knew they wouldn’t understand and that thy would be mad. I asked thenprincipal if me and him could have a meeting with my mom and we did thank god. I’m not a good speaker and I have a hard time saying my emotions out loud so I was glad to have him there to say what needed to be said. It turned out that my mom wasn’t mad, just very shocked and hurt. I’d say that my parents finding out was a good thing because they have helped me in ways that I could not help myself and me and my mom have gotten closer because I don’t have to hide this from her anymore.
That was January 7 and I have not side since. It’s been so hard and I’ve almost done it several times. But I’ve taken a lot of steps to not doing it. I hope you enjoyed my story.