Today, I went into the store alone. I had only my mom’s credit card with me. It was a perfect moment to buy a tool. I asked someone where they were and they asked more specifics.  I could barely mumble a yes. Anyway, I held the tool in my hand, I was so close to buying it, it was right there! What stopped me? Not because I didn’t want it…because I SO did. I just felt this presence…something told me no. I know that sounds crazy, but I just kept thinking about how disappointed my boyfriend would be…and i can’t afford to make him upset (he is dying and needs me to be strong) . I took it to the register anyway. I only had a credit card, which meant my parents would have gotten a bill, which in the end they could have seen that a bought this and that would raise questions. So, in the end, I was upset that I couldn’t buy them…but it was good. I felt protected. Someone stopped me. I didn’t have any money for a reason, this happened for a reason. God was watching out for me, I just know it, I could feel it. So, here I am.  I’m upset, but glad at the same time….does that make any possible sense? No, probably not. Good luck to you all, remember you are not alone, someone is looking out for you and they are keeping you safe. Miracles happen.