I am trying this blogging thing as a way to cope with some issues i have been having. issues that have for whatever reason reawakened and heightened my need to self injure.  i have always been an intensely private person and have difficulty expressing my thoughts but i feel this can be a useful tool and hope that i can manage to keep at this and find the release i need.

For now i will say only that i always feel the urge to self injure in some way – tonight it is on my mind as i have had some upset today. today it is related to my low self esteem. it will be interesting for me to review my posts and in time find if this is always so.

i also have had eating disorder issues which have been full blown for several days.  i find it easier to give in to these urges than to self injure, partly because my daddy has forbidden me to self injure and that has helped.