Hi, I’m a girl who is fighting both an eating disorder and SI. I am falling into that downward spiral again…One of the guys at my school saw my injuries when I was being careless and had it and my SI’s exposed. He looked extremely upset at the sight and from time to time we talk about it..I know he wants me to tell someone and to stop. But he is not doing anything to help me! He is giving me advice on how to hide them when I need to and he will talk about it with me when I need to…but he is really uncomfortable talking and he really doesn’t do much, which I understand due to the topic, but I wish he would help me. I love him for not telling on me and actually being there for me…but sometimes I feel like I can’t talk to him because I am hurting him with the scars…I want someone to be there for me to talk to honestly and help me get over this. He ignores me a lot and pretends the scars aren’t ther and he looks at me like a freak…I can feel his un-acceptance. I feel like he is not helping at all like some of the stories I have heard. …what is wrong with me? How come I insist on bringing others down with me?!     🙁   Am I being selfish??