Well…This Is My First Time On Here So Like I’m Exicted To See If Ii Have Tha Same Problems On Here & To See If Ii Can Stop Hurting My Self =/ Well I’m Going To Right About The First Time I Hurt Myself And Why Ii Did It!!!……………………………. Okay I Was With This Guy Named Joe I Thought He Was The One Cause I Got Hurt And I Trusted Him And Give Him The Key 2 My Heart But I Was Wrong For Doing That Big Mistake=”/ I Remember On 12-10-10 We Got Together That Day Was The Best Day Ever I Was Happy That I Found Someone And I Grew o Close 2 Him And Everytime I Was Wiht Him I Felt So Safe And Evrytime I Heard His Voice And Hime Say “Babe” Far Away But…For Some Reason I Heard Him And Then The Day That I Was Going To Finally Tell Him How Much Love Him And How Much He Ment The World To Me He……Said……………………..”I’m Sorry But………Its Over” I Remember How I Said Okay And Ran Off In To Tears I Felt Like Theres Nothing To Live For Anymore That Day 1-24-11 Was The Worst Day EVER<|3 And I Wished That We Would Ask Me Bak And Take Me Back But He Didnt I See Him In The Hall And I Wanna Go Up To HIm And Hug Him And Say “What Went Wrong With Us??”  And A Few Weeks Later I Started Hurting Myself But I Didnt Tell Anyone Everyone Thought That I Was Okay But The Truth Was That I Was Hurting Inside! Someone Help Me Please Leave Comments

-Felicia Moreno