Tomorrow – March 1, 2011 – is National Self Injury Awareness Day.  We hope people will choose to honor this day by doing one of a few things.  You could wear orange to support self injury awareness.  You could read a book about self injury to find ways to help others or get help yourself.  Or probably the best way to honor this day, if you self injure – would be to use it to reach out for help.  Find someone you can trust and tell them you need some support.  You don’t have to tell them you self injure right away – tell them you are struggling, and see if you can trust them.  If they are supportive, tell them more.  People of ALL ages self injure, if you are reading this and are under 21, we’d encourage you to reach out to an adult for that support.  There is always help available.  Use this day to reach out for it, in one way or another. 

Take care everyone!

Pam L.