I just wanted to say Hello.. ive been searching through the blog for a long time now, deciding if i should come and talk with people in need , including myself, and ive decided its time to do so. I had a Major breakdown 6 1/2 years ago. that was a build-up of traumatic events in my life , that finally toppled over. I spent most of 2 years in the hospital as an inpatient. Ive attended PHP programs , DBT, GROW (a mental health support group here), as well as Therapists and my Psychatrist. I have been out of the hospital for over  4 years now, though last spring I almost re-entered. I do see my DR once a month still. At one point i saw her every week. I have had episodes of self injury over the years, even though its been over a month (which is amazing to me), it does come back. its a habit i never was able to totally break, sometimes i dont want to and thats probably the big reason i go back. However, even when i do have episodes its nothing like it was back in the beginning. I did attend the SAFE program when it was in Chicago and I did love it very much. i did have to leave the program early, for reasons that had nothing to do with the program and even to this day I wish i could have just finished.  but anyway, thats a little bit of my history and i am here if anyone wants to talk as well. if you want to know more, we can still talk. thanks 🙂