Hey everyone. I notice that most of the time people forget to state the positive. well hey we are all alive, all breathe the air on this earth that God created for us. and sometimes we need to sit and smile about that… or we begin to become to self absorbed. I wanted to share my success… I have not harmed in 9 months and two days. and since the last time I harmed I……
found my best friend who I would die for
moved on to state level for art!!!
gained a strong bond with my uncle
one of my role models was given the greatest gift, a child
my wish for the people I love to be happy is almost completely come true. and I can smile about that. if anyone is reading this… can u stop and think about something good? and smile about it? smiles are beautiful on everyone.
I still have battles in my head about si… but you know what? I continue to beat those battle bc I want to… and I have driving forces… (driving forces are very important to me)(you should find some)….
I guess to wrap this up…. even though they will never read it… thank you Wes sall Fred…. and most of all Brek!!! I love you all… and I hope that everyperson is as gifted as I am to have such truly beautiful people in their lives. remember to breathe throughout everymoment of everyday, stay true to yourself and god. and love life for all the gifts it has to offer…….

and try being positive every once in a while. it makes a hugemungo difference in life..!(: <3