hi all. im 16 years old and im a junior in high school. i live with my mom. my parents are divorced and my dad wants nothing to do with me. im gay and happily in love with my girlfriend of a year and a half, but there are a lot of things that constantly remind me of the emotional baggage that i carry on my shoulders. a few years ago i was abused by a family member and ever since things havent been the same. i tend to bottle up all my emotions and not talk to anyone and i resort to self mutilation. on top of the stress and nightmares that i reoccuringly get, my dad kicked me out and wants nothing to do with me because im gay. my mom has been very supportive of me but she doesnt understand the severity of what i am going through. and i cant talk to her. i try to open up to my girlfriend but that doesnt work either. any suggestions? i need to learn to not resort to this kind of “escape.” what can i do to get out of this habit?