I can’t do this anymore. I stopped injuring for six months and then I started again last month. Things never get better they just keep getting worse. I hide it now so no one will see them and find out. Anyway I just recently found out I sprained my knee and have a hemotoma. Now I’m out of dance for my first competition. That was all I was looking toward to. Dance was ny only escape now I can’t dance for about two months, I’m crushed. Now everyone is treating me like I’m five because of my knee and won’t leave me alone, I just want to have some alone time cause I just can’t take it. Next thing is my cousin, he is being such a jerk. He doesn’t care at all about me. He laughed at me when I said I was going to the hospital and he didn’t come but the rest of his family did. Then the other day he wouldn’t even let me sit down, he left before he said I can stay in the room. On top of that the day I got home from the hospital all he cared about was me getting my best friend, his girlfriend up her for the weekend when I was about to cry cause I was in so much pain. He was only happy when I did what he asked and she came over. He doesn’t care about me all he wants is her he is just using me. I told him to keep his distance from me for the next few days and all he said was ok and didn’t ask why. I think I might start to hate him. Next person is my best friend. All she cares about is coming up to see my cousin, her boyfriend. Plus we keep getting into fights about him and I can’t stand it. Lastly there is my father in not even a month he is leaving for six months. He is going to miss both my competitions, recital, and sweet sixteen. I feel so empty not having a father there. I feel like I’m living a nightmare all alone and nobody and nothing can save me.