A couple of months back I was the one in a position as many of use are now, and I hated it I felt stupid for SI myself but it also felt like it was the only thing I could turn to doing! It started over my mum and my dad continously arguing. They seperated when I was only young but the arguing wouldn’t stop:(. I felt like I was the one who cause all this I felt like I was being kept in the dark over anything& my friends weren’t very supportive at the time, I felt like I was being left out of everything.. I felt everyone was against me& everyone was talking about me, So i went home that night and injured. Then it came to p.e! I coudn’t hide my injuries anymore and I broke down! I couldnt handle myself anymore, when my mum found out what had been going on she felt it was her fault that i’d been driven to harming myself.. Although she constantly tried to get me to the doctors I refused!

All thats over now& I feel as though i’ve started to get myself back on track.. but it doesn’t stop me thinking about turning back to SI.