I am a married mother of three wonderful (but wild) boys.  I teach yoga and work as a doula (birth coach) for a living.  I eat healthy, excercise and have many hours of training in helping people deal with stress in their lives.

I am not sure how to do it in mine and I am so very tired of the act of having it all together.

I first began to SI when I was 13 and for about 6 years it was a constant struggle-then through college a few years travelling and early motherhood the desire stayed hidden only coming out when things got really intense.

But now it is back and the urges are constant and I am just feeling like I am too old to be doing this. Even as I type that it sounds stupid but it seems 90% of what I read about SI is targeted towards teens and young adults.

I want to stop-I want to not have to make up stories to my boys about what happened to cause mommy’s scars…

I want to feel like there is someone I can talk to about this besides my shrink.

Any other mom’s out there?