Im so sick of feeling alone. I just got into it with my sister. Big suprise, she never has been supportive. My other sister and i talk, but never about anything really meaningful. My brother doesnt even talk to me. I Only have a couple friend who even try, but they dont get it. My counselor hasnt seen me in like a month; something keeps coming up. She doesnt return my calls. I want to SI so bad, but i can’t nobody else cares, so i have to care. Maybe thats what this is what this is what this is all about, im being forced to care about myself, since nobody else does. But at times it seems like why? Why should i care about such ugly scars? Why should i care if nobody else does? I just want someone to talk to. I feel like i will explode if i dont talk to someone about more that just the weather, their kids or my dogs puppies. I need to talk about real issues, things you cant just talk about with friends. I should be able to talk to my coulselor or my family about these things. They are gonna drive me crazy, and the people who are suppose to be there for me, and even the one who is paid to be there dont even care. I guess what good would it do them to care anyway?