Ok soo self injury awareness day is march 1st and one of my teacher asked me if I would speak to the entire freshman class… I dont know if I should do it or not I mean I really want to its just that no one at school knows that I self injury and I have been keeping it a secret for soo long but they said that i dont have to talk about my personal stuff, so I really really want to do it because I think that alot of teens dont understand us… they sould get the chance to see it from our point of view. I mean if they dont understand we should try to get them to. Maybe if they understand they will stop labling us as emos and freaks but we really arent, we are good people, normal people, we are like eveyone else… but we have more pain, we also have something great we have HOPE!! We have HOPE that we will get better, we have HOPE that everything will be ok, and we have HOPE that we cant wake up 2morro morning  and feel safe, to feel good and to be alive for one more day!!!!

                                                                                                 With All HOPE,

                                                                                                                    M.J.95 <3