So, I relapsed again, for a while, I was thinking I was ok, but I relapsed, pretty fast right when the trigger came I Si.ed.  My uncle gf, I concider her my aunt now. We are pretty close, I told her about my SI. I promised her I wouldnt SI today, but I just did. I can’t lie to her… I want to juast break down.I dont want to hurt her, she said it makes her said that Im in som uch pain that I feel the need to SI. I just cant seem to stop, I stopped for 6 months b4, but nowits jsut hard, this is my third year I thought scence it was a new year I would stop for good, bbut I cant. Now I have to say I’ve been unsucesfull for 3 years…  I wish I knew how to change, I cry so much, and I always have bad triggers, but now I seem to want them ,so I have an excuse to SI. I really, am going to give up, and let all my temptations take over!!! 🙁