The pain that I’m feeling right now can’t be explained. I never feel loved or wanted. They tell me they love me and want me in there life and that I’m no a mistake. But then they go and hurt me and tell me that they don’t love me and that I’m just a screwed up girl. That no one can help me anymore. That it’s over for me thAt there is nothin they can do for me. I tell them I’ll sorry that I SI but it’s the only thing I know and have. It makes me feel better. Helps me control and understand my pain. I wish knew that it’s the only way I know how to control and understand my pain. That the pain I am feelin I have been feeling for entire life and that it will never go away just like the scars will never go away. SIing will neve go away because it’s the only thing in m life that I can depend on and know it won’t leave me.