If there is something that no body can tell me anything about, is feeling sad all the time, feeling alone around your friends and family, S.I, even seeing theripists and being depressed constantly! I’ve been struggling with depression for over 5 years now, and it has been hectic. 

But today I can honestly say that I have been cured. It has been a difficult road and still is, hey who said life was easy. It took me several years to figure out why everything happened to me, and I finally figured out why. Maybe I have to help people who went through the same things as I have.

Just remember every cloud has a silver ling and although you dont always understand everything there always is one person whom understand you!!!!

Stay strong and remember you are not alone. there is help out there and if you try to get help, always be 100% honest to that person. Lying won’t help. xoxox