Hi everyone, it’s strange to be back here, I haven’t posted anything in a long, long time.

I’m okay. I go through really tough things every day like everyone else, but I’m okay. I haven’t injured in…. let’s just say a long time. Well, it seems like forever to me.

I’m doing this project on abuse & rape at school. I was wondering if anyone on here has any stories they want to share about abuse, if it happened to you, to a friend, family member, whatever. Don’t use any names, I don’t want to infringe on anyone’s privacy. I feel that sharing some of your stories in my project, if you would give me the honour of doing, would be very enlightening to people who don’t understand abuse (or self-abuse) or inspirational to those going through it. Here is some more information:

1. Please refrain from being overly graphic, raw emotions are what I’m looking for but I don’t want to trigger anybody in my project.

2. It would be awesome if you could describe how it affected your lives, how and if you got help, if you didn’t get help how do you think it would have helped you heal had you recieved it, how it led you to self-destructional behaviours, and any inspirational stories of healing. If you haven’t healed yet, that’s okay, I still want to hear your stories:)

3. It could be physical, sexual (including rape and other sexual assaults), or emotional abuse. I would like to have at least one story representing each.

3. You can either comment with your story or e-mail me at staystrongforever@yahoo.ca

Thanks for your stories 🙂