There are people of all ages on this blog.  I just wanted to suggest reaching out for help.  Coming to the blog is a great way to begin.  I want to encourage you all to take it a step further.  What about finding a therapist or counselor to talk with?  Or if this has gone on long enough and you need more intensive help – what about seeking treatment? 

The SAFE program for those ages 12 – 21 currently does not have a waiting list.  It’s a 30 day residential treatment program that people make the choice to come to.  We do NOT take people who aren’t interested in getting help, you make the choice to come.  We’ve been around 25 years helping people stop self injuring, maybe the program could help you, too.

And again – if nothing else – reach out to a therapist.  Talk to someone around you – if you’re a teenager, talk with a trustworthy adult.  If you’re an adult, reach out to a therapist or counselor of some kind.  Tell a friend who you trust.  If you don’t want to tell anyone you self injure – that’s okay.  Start by telling them you’re sad, anxious, depressed, or however you’re feeling.  Just start with whatever you feel comfortable with.  But the point is – start!  You are worth fighting for – I promise you that!  Look at the book “Bodily Harm” – it’s a great overview of our program. 

Our “Parent Webinar” is also now available for free in the store at .  Show it to your parents, and/or – watch it yourself!   Share it with someone at school, watch it with a teacher.  Whatever age you are, there is great info in that webinar, and it’s not only for parents. 

Please feel free to comment if you have any questions at all.  I hope you’ll keep reaching out!