So, I don’t really know how to say this, because it’s really foreign for me to say, but lately, I have not wanted to talk or be asked questions or even touched. The smallest touch, even a hand on my shoulder makes my skin crawl and my heart races in fury. Whenever someone would talk to me I would shrug and not make eye contact. I’m at this point in my worthless life where disappearing feels like the only way I’ll be happy. And right now, I’m so numb. I’m really unhappy, nothing is colorful to me, I feel like I live in a black and gray world. An ugly, depressing world. I’ll feel hopeful one second and then another I’ll be teary eyed. I start to cry about everything. Even if someone accidentally bumped into me in the halls, I’ll start to cry. I feel like I’m slipping back to my darkest of dark times. And that’s way worse than where I’m at now. When I tell someone how I feel, I don’t feel relieved telling someone. I feel overwhelmed and terrified. My thoughts. Oh my thoughts are oober terrible. And no one could possibly know. I’m lost and I don’t know what to do. I almost don’t feel like doing anything because I haven’t done anything physically harmful to myself.