On Sunday I found out id been dropped from my classes in college. They just told me I’m dismissed. They didn’t say anything else. Just…dismissed. why? I did so well last semester. For the first time I felt good about school, like I knew what I was there for rather than go becaause I know I need to. So in 20 mins I’m going to talk to a counslor at school and see what’s going on. I havnt told my parents yet so the past two days have been hard. I try to pretend I’m ok but I keep thinking of how I’m going to tell them, how they’ll be so dissappointed with me. I mean I’m actually ok with it, I kind of want to take a semester and work out and take care of my body. Take care of the #1 thing I always end up neglecting. But how do I tell my parents this? i keep thinking this is all a bigt misunderstanding and the counselor will tell me the college messed up and it’ll all be ok. But I know that’s not the case. I know my past grades and they’re not great. I’m contemplating if I should take my tool in with me for after, if something goes wrong. But I stayed si free the past 2 days through all of this, but I want it. I want to breathe easy again. To take the 10 pound weight off my chest. Ok, time for me to go in. Wish me luck! Ill be back with what happens, even if no one reads it sadly this is the only place I’m completely honest with myself.