Well, my whole family knows I got dropped from my classes. the reason I told them might not be the whole truth by its somewhat, kind of, not really anything like the truth but just with what i told them theyre all freaking out a little. However, it all went over alot better than what I thought. I have a pounding headache, but i did not si. I guess thats an accomplishment. Now i dont know if i want to take a semester off, or go to an accedited school. If i go to a school like that I can get back into it in a month or so. But its going to cost….alot. and with my GREAT grades i wont get very much financial support from the gov. Sooooo idk. But today went….well. Two dissappointed parents, no si, and a throbbing headach later…. i STILL think it was a somewhat ok day. It was alot better than i imagined.