I am a 36 yr old who has been dealing with SI for over 25 yrs.  I started when I was 11, I’ve gotten help and I haven’t SI’d for over 5 yrs.  It is not for lack of not having times where I felt like it but using things I’ve picked up over the years to fight the feeling, but lately I have been feeling more vulnerable than usual and it is getting harder to fight those impluses or whatever you want to call them.  I feel akin to someone trying to fight an alcholol or drug addiction one wrong move and I’ll be spiraling down the same slippery slope that I have before.  I don’t want to go there.  I really don’t.  I sometimes feel so alone even though I have people around me.  It’s just not people who understand this part of me.  It’s hard to find in your everyday world who won’t freak out or turn around and run the other way.  Just needing a little support I guess.