So here’s the deal, I’m back at school, living away from home I don’t have any more exams looming in the immediate future, I don’t have anymore crazy family traditions that I’m really not looking forward to taking part in, everything is good. In fact I can’t really complain about the way my life is right now. My boyfriend talks to me every day even though he is so far away, my best friend knows all my dark secrets, even the ones i wish she didn’t. And school is only just beginning so there isn’t really much to work on/worry about. so then WHY? why am I depressed all the time, I thought it was because of all the crazy hectic things going on in my life I was eternally stressed out 24/7 and now… nothing and there is no change, I still feel down all the time and like I want to SI, like I need to, even now when there is really no reason, at least before there was some sort of twisted justification to myself about it… now there is nothing, now I’m just making myself feel more pathetic then I already do. I don’t know what to do anymore none of this makes any sense.