So Im Starting school tommorrow, and im a little anxious. I graduated high school almost 8 years ago, so im worried about my study skills, and my skillsw in general. Also im worried, cause now all of a sudden just in time for school to start, the doc is talking about changing some of my meds. He thinks im on to much. Plus its only been 2.5 weeks since ive si’ed. But i do think my impulses to is will get better when i start school and have something that makes me feel a little more worthwhile. Part of why i feel so anxious is cause i tried to start school last year and had to drop out. I was in much worse shape then, but it still haunts me. I dont wanna keep letting everyone down. I dont wanna stay on disability. I wanna get my degree, and help people. I dont wanna have to keep being the one to be hepled. I Look within my self and it pains me to see all the potential to help others being waisted by being a mess. So i hope i can get in there tommorrow and for the next 4 years and bring that potential out instead of reverting to what i feel my family is expecting to happen.