A year ago I wasn’t sure I would be able to ever say this, but now I can. I’m happy inside. I was able to put my pain in writing on paper. It has been very theraputic for me. I just needed to get the words out (in any form) and know that, at least one person on this earth) was listening to me. I wrote about my abusive childhood, I wrote letters to my abusers, and now, feel much lighter. The process almost killed me and I did SI a few times because I hated myself. But now, I don’t hate myself, I know that I matter, that life can be good again, and that none of the abuse was my fault! All of us need to know these things. Abuse is never our fault and we all matter. Each of us has worth in God’s eyes. I’ve learned that the only opinion that matters to me is, God’s opinion because in the end, He is the one I will stand before. The Bible tells me God loves me! That is so awesome to me. I hope this year we all can learn more about the love of God toward us so that we can learn to love ourselves like He does. God Bless your New Year!