Hiya there!! For the last how every many months I  have been S.I. I have made a big mistake. But its the only thing I go to when I have troubles… I know it is bad But to me It is my way out of the misery I have. I am alone.. No one (Well probably someone here does) understands me. I am 12 and in the middle of 7th grade. I have people who critacise me and they always make fun of me and call me emo girl. I dont know what to do anymore. Its my only Fuel It fires me up. I always go to it. I dont know why I do it but It all started because Of my friend.. I was trying to act cool but didnt end up so good.. I ended up quitting.. From then to Beginning of this year. I have fallen in love with Him.. My special someone and then…. He disapeared. I didnt know what to do with myself so That was what I have done. I injure. I said I couldnt live without him and that if he goes I will too. I attempted suicide with my dads guna and.. I felt something. I felt hope. Ifelt something telling me I shouldnt do it. I wanted to injure. I dontknwo what to do anymore All I can think of is all the bad things going on in my life. I need some answers on how I can fix this.. I was hoping someone.. juss someone out there has SOMETHING for me to look at. I can write letters to them and get answer. I need them. I need them very much. I want someone to look up to.