I’ve never much been much to cry
As anybody who knows me can say
Though the last 18 months put a hole in my eye
As tears washed my heart away.

I know I said I wanted to go
But I cried when I left in September.
Though I held it together and went with the flow
Friends and family at home I remembered.

The walls started to crack as spring came close.
Why couldn’t we keep it together?
A secret kept from me hurt me the most
So I did wither.

When I lost my Dear Aunt my eye sprung a leak
For her love and support I am grateful.
A tear came on my cheek
For her memory I would remain faithful.

A barista at heart I will always remain
After quitting the best job of my life.
Too bad my departure meant heartache and pain
Causing way too much drama and strife.

More tears for an ankle in need of repair
Why couldn’t it just feel better?
Again painful surgery to fix wear and tear
I followed Doctor’s orders to the letter.

Not all pain is felt is the joints and the bones
Some pain is felt in the heart.
While I lay recovering with the dog yet alone
My world was torn apart.

I stayed though he told me to leave
Though distant I stayed and I tried
A few weeks later myself I did free
I can’t believe I don’t cry.

A fine young man took my tear off my cheek
A permanent scar will stay
I will always remember his friendship that week
That we cross paths again, I pray.

Now I wear the scar of heartache
Though I know I must move on.
Broken hearts and dreams with me I can take
Until all of my tears are all gone.