So I don’t really know what to say really.The other night I injured.My grandma is in the hispital she should be out in a few days.I finally got to see her yesterday.When we got home around 12:00 am all the doors were locked chains and all.My dad came to open more like slam the door open cursing when my sister called him to open the door.I got so mad I just cried changed my clothes and went to bed or tried anyway.I felt like injuring,but I didn’t I don’t know why iether.I injured at my aunts house after I made a comotion about my mom leaving my halls I know stupid,but she insisted in bying me a new pack,but we don’t have money to waste like that especially with my parents divorcig and me with the big list of stuff I need to bye to go to Hope.I went and injured. I’m so fed up!