SO it was about 3 years ago when i found out that the brother just younger than me, we’ll call him Seth, had inapropriately touched my other four younger siblings. I was the only one who did anything about it. My parents had known for about a yea and they wouldnt tell anyone but people at church, and the people at church didnt do anything either. It kept going on even though my parents wouldnt believe that he was still doing it. one day i walked in on seth with my youngest brother. I was so mad and immediatley told my dad. He thought that talking to seth for half an hour telling him that it was wrong would do the trick. I finally got fed up and called my best friend, i couldnt live in a house that allowed sexual abuse. I told her dad what was going on and then the school counsilor talked to me about it and then with my help the cops and cps got involved. i was still at home but come january my parents kicked me out because seth is their favorite child and it was my fault that he was getting his life ruined since i talked. about a month later he was taken out of the house and put into a group home because the government found out that he had molested my niece and nephew as well as my little cousin.
I had to switch schools in the middle of this (i eventually got to move back to my old school by moving in with my best friend). i lost most of my friends bc i was gone for 2 months and i realized that none of them were real friends, they didnt even talk to me while i was gone. i had to et rid of my 3 pets bc my grandparents didnt want them, and i had to leave my siblings in a house that was unsafe.
it was the hardest time of my life. i felt like i couldnt live anymore. 

i dont know how to do anything for myself. i have been wrapped up in doing things to make everyone else proud of me. im too afraid that if im not here no one will fight for my siblings safety. im too afraid of dissapointing my best friends family since they have done so much for me. im too afraid for everyone elses sake than i am my own.